Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ya gotta start somewhere.

So I was reading the New York Times' Science Times section recently and came across an article about the future of the internet (among other things). One thing that struck me was that Cisco Systems predicts that by 2013 ninety percent of internet traffic will be video.
Well, to counteract some of that video, I figured I'd try to cram some more written words out into the universe.

Between the amazingly talented musicians that I'm able to spend time and work with in New York and on the road, and the traveling that I get to do, I figured I could share some of the things I get to experience with the internet.

Hopefully, it will be good for me to put together a few coherent(ish) thoughts together every once in a while as well.


  1. wrote this a couple of days before I saw ya'll playing in Seattle, and then another one a couple of days after. I am thinking I am something far from the thoughts of an entertainer, another tiny speck in the sea of sounds. I am contemplating this, how an entertainer feels about the audience. Not because I think you should have written about how you will be seeing Mary Ann in section G 248 in the Key Arena, but because I am going to sing a solo part in an upcoming performance with my choir, and it's the FIRST TIME for me to do this, sing a solo! I am hoping that when I get there in the real moment, the audience will not be a bunch of faces demanding something of me, but that they will be a blur of warmth that will receive my singing, that I won't be blocked with nerves, I will be able to focus on all the times I sang it right, and that will happen easily in front of an audience. Then one day while I am on tour, I won't be worrying about hitting the right notes, I will be talking about the internet and song writers I admire and saxophonists who I hope to hire...hey, Rob...we could be the new Cleo Lane and John Dankworth! Well, half of us new. I'll let you know if I nail it at the 1st United Church in June.

  2. Hey.. congrats on starting a blog.. I may see you on stage in Feb '11 because we have tickets to see Michael (2nd time for us).

    It's my dream to visit New York.. and I see you hail from there.

    I have a foodie blog so I was interested to read about your French nibbles in Paris.

    Not intended as spam: