Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Phone Envy

So, it would seem that after all this time away from blogging, only the most traumatic, extreme ordeal could pull me back in. Yes, it’s been days (DAYS!!!!!) since I’ve had a working cell-phone.

Sunday (day zero) – I flew from LaGuardia to Albuquerque to play a concert with Justin Ray and the Albuquerque Jazz Orchestra. (More on that later)

I landed and got to my Mom’s house and was just minding my own business when my iPhone went black. Been through this before, but still had some panic. Restart … restart … nothing. I enter major panic mode and make an appointment at the Genius Bar.

Monday (the first day) – I go to my appointment and am hoping for a miracle, but expecting the worst. The tech takes my phone and tells me that I have water damage inside of the phone. Uh, oh. For liability purposes I will just say that I have no idea how the inside of my iPhone got water inside of it …

Tuesday (day the second) – I head to my second appointment hoping for a replacement that they offered for a reasonable fee. I was out of warranty, so no freebie. Turns out they have no 32 gig iPhone 4’s to give me. Desperation, masked by upbeat verbosity … Sure, I can wait several more days to get my replacement phone. No problem …

Wednesday (day tres) – Heading back home to New York. I’m sad. I miss my phone. I keep telling myself that this is a good exercise in control. Being away from my phone should chill me out. But that’s not the effect that it’s having.

People say that our technology is alienating us, and there are probably instances where that is true, but I just feel … lonely. I’m waiting for my next flight from Dallas and I want to reach out to the people I care about … Thanks for a great time in Albuquerque … I’ll be home in a few hours … Blah, blah, sports event.

Tomorrow may be the day that I get my replacement phone. It may not be. I just wish I was getting a clearer lesson about my attachments to this device.

And they all lived happily ever after.